Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

550 First Avenue

Medical Science Building 398

New York, NY 10016

(212) 263-7898

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One Day Escape From The City
KONG Skull Island
Indoor Archery Tag in Long Island City
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.
Cool in hot summer.
Lab outing to the Montauk lighthouse, August 2014.
In the courtyard at the end of lab cleaning day
A friendly game of paintball during a lab outing.
At the NYAS 2010 HIV/AIDS Symposium.
A view of Midtown from NYU Medical Center
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Welcome - 欢迎 - Karibu!

Welcome to the Kong Lab's website. We are a structural biology lab in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology in the NYU School of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Our research centers around HIV vaccine immunogen design and the study of host-pathogen interactions in urothelial tract infections.

Please contact us if you have any questions, either about our lab or this website. Thanks for visiting!