Buffer Calculator

by Jared Sampson, Kong Lab

Using known pKa values and buffer solutions of known pH, you can produce any intermediate pH by mixing them in appropriate concentrations. This is useful for creating fine pH gradients. However, as it uses only the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation and doesn't account for other components of the solution, it is only an estimate of the true pH, and any large deviation from the given pKa will likely yield questionable results. You should confirm experimentally any results generated here. Use at your own risk!

Starting Materials

Desired Product

Single Gradient


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Currently only monoprotic buffers of equal concentrations are supported. Normal working concentrations and appropriate stock pH values are suggested for each buffer in the list. You may, of course alter these to fit what you have on-hand. Sources for pKa data: Hampton Research, Crystallization Research Tools, Vol. 18; Sigma-Aldrich Buffer Reference Center.

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